Bring a new member to FRISKIS...

…and get rewarded with free cinema tickets! We will be offering two free cinema tickets for those who introduce a friend or family member to Friskis and signing up for 12 months membership. Just drop us an email with your contact details once your friend makes the payment and we will arrange a delivery of the tickets. The offer is valid till March 31st.

We at Friskis&Svettis welcome everyone, regardless of what level you’re starting at. Here, it’s all about the individual’s journey, so you only have to live up to your own standards. Get ready to have fun and get fit on your own terms. Join us today.


€ 195 — One year pass (€125 if you are between 13-26 years old)
€ 140 — 6 months pass
€ 25 — One month pass

Children ( -13 years old)

€ 90 — One year pass
€ 50 —6 months pass

Please make a transfer to the account below. Be sure to mention your full name.

Ben: Friskis&Svettis
LU72 0027 1507 3573 7100

Please also send us an e-mail with your:
-Postal address
-type of membership
-for administrative purpose,please confirm if you work for the EU

Any questions? Let us know, and we get back to you.